Lead Installation Representative – Nuclear (Design)

Salem NJ   Contract
Dec 15, 2018   Open

Job Description:


Overall responsibility for all installation activities including installation testing.


Provide constructability input throughout the Design Phase including participation in walk downs conducted during the design phase.


In conjunction with the Project Team, develop the initial Installation Plan activities.


Collect input information from groups involved in the physical work such as activity durations, workforce needs, materials, support required, and order of work.


Support development of installation estimates.


Support Project Plan updates as required to document and approve changes to the plan.


Provide installation strategy, including contracting vendor services and procurement of non-engineered materials


Provide a Project Breakdown Structure for installation, installation acceptance testing and closeout of all installation activities


Identify installation associated risks and contingency plans


Identify required resources, non-engineered materials, tools and installation facilities required to install the project


Perform Installation planning in sufficient detail to support the development of a definitive installation estimate.


Provide monthly cash flow requirements for the Installation and Closeout Phases for installation services and non-engineered materials.


Function as the PSEG Task Manager for all vendor installation personnel


Ensure the installation vendor is qualified to perform all assigned tasks


Work with PM to ensure award of installation contracts and purchase orders to meet outage planning milestones.


Work with Project Team to develop Scope of Work (SOW) document for procurement of contractor services or equipment.


Participate in bid evaluations.


Ensure completion of work package planning.


Ensure all material required for the project has been identified and coded on the appropriate project work order activity.


Together with the Project Team, ensure work order activities have been prepared for all required services of support organizations (e.g., RP, Radwaste, Chemistry, I&C, Maintenance, Security, etc.).


Work with Supply to ensure timely availability of materials and consumables required for the work.


Hold field work coordination meeting(s) with all interfacing work groups to:


Coordinate work in the same general area.


Identify and develop plans for mitigating high impact activities, such as: clearance applications; scaffold erection, loss of power due to bus outages, loss of ventilation resulting in heat stress concerns, transient radiological conditions due to changing plant conditions, resin transfers, etc.


Develop agreements with other work groups for notification when handoffs and/or support are required.


Verify that work is properly sequenced and logic tied in the schedule.


Ensure that all installation work receives appropriate risk assessment per WC-AA-105.


Coordinate with Work Control to develop on-line or outage schedule for installation activities.


Function as Task Manager for installation contractors per AD-AA-2001, or delegates as appropriate.


Ensure installer reviews of Configuration Change Packages are completed in accordance with CC-AA-102, CC-AA-103 and applicable T&RMs.


When project-specific safety plan is required, develop and ensure adherence to the plan for installation activities.


Verify that project is ready to work as defined in the work control process.


Ensure AD-AA-2001 responsibilities for Field Coordinator are assigned and performed.


Manage installation activities and ensure activities are updated as work is completed and work order completion statuses are electronically updated to reflect the work completed.


Verify all work is complete in the field, including scaffolding, insulation, painting, and housekeeping meets or exceeds the as-found condition prior to installation.


Ensure that all work packages are closed and forwarded to Records Management for retention.


Perform closure of permits in conjunction with responsible groups.


Ensure timely demobilization of craft and equipment from the site in accordance with the demobilization plan.


Collect installation critique issues, and provide input into the project Lessons Learned.


Ensure completion of all code paperwork and documentation.


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